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New Grant Awarded! R01 DA058933

We received notification that our R01 on xylazine and fentanyl co-use will be funded by NIDA on June 15, titled “Neurobehavioral mechanisms of xylazine and fentanyl co-use and withdrawal. This grant will determine the behavioral and neurobiological impacts of xylazine adulteration of intravenously self-administered fentanyl in collaboration with Dr. Terry Hinds, Jr., and will utilize his state-of-the-art Pamgene Pamstation to uncover novel targets to reverse overdose.

Check out our talks at CPDD 2022!

We have 3 (!!!) oral presentations at College on Problems of Drug Dependence in Minneapolis, MN this year! Please come see us if you can!

  • Dr. Erin Maher:
Chronic Administration of Synthetic Contraceptive Hormones Alters Nicotine Consumption in an Ethanol Co-Use Model in Ovary-Intact Female Rats. Oral Communication: Nicotine Co-Use Oral Presentation. Tuesday 4 PM – 4:15 PM .Symphony Ballroom III
  • Dr. Shailesh Khatri:
Cocaine Use During Oxycodone Withdrawal Reduces Somatic Signs of Withdrawal and is Associated With Aberrant Accumbens Glutamatergic Plasticity. Oral Communication: Trends in Polysubstance Use. Oral Presentation. Sunday 7:45 PM – 8 PM .Conrad BC
  • Emma Bondy:
Chemogenetic Inhibition of Accumbens Microglia Reduces Nicotine Seeking. Oral Communication: Neuroscience of SUDs I. Oral Presentation. Monday 4 PM – 4:15 PM .Orchestra AB