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Publication Alert! Khatri et al., 2023

Khatri, S., Sadek, S., Kendrick Jr., P.T., Bondy, E.O., Hong, M., Pauss, S., Luo, D., Prisinzano, T., Dunn, K.E., Marusich, J.A., Beckmann, J.S., Hinds Jr., T.D., Gipson, C.D. (in press). Xylazine co-use suppresses fentanyl consumption during self-administration and induces a unique sex-specific withdrawal syndrome that is naloxone-resistant in rats. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology Xylazine, a […]

Welcome new lab members!

This summer, Ashley White, a MD/PhD student will begin her work in the lab funded through the Professional Student Mentored Research Fellowship Program from the University of Kentucky CCTS. We also welcome Ashley Craig, a recent graduate of the University of Kentucky with a major in Neuroscience. Ashley was recently awarded the NIDA Summer Undergraduate […]